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Having more than one dog in the house can be a challenge for the best of us, when it comes to training. Everybody seems to want to get into the act, one way or another. And distractions and chaos are not the best environment for learning.

Frankly, if you are looking for success in working with one of your dogs, you’ll need to make some changes.

Because your other dogs will be a distraction to some extent, you really need to think this through.

If you try shooing them away, or even luring them with treats to a different part of the room or yard, or constantly commanding them away, you are creating confusion in every dog, and not paying attention to the issue at hand.


You and your dog beginning your training somewhere quiet with no interruptions or distractions.

As for your other dogs, consider putting them in their crates or outside - wherever you can. Quiet is what is needed so your dog . . . and you . . . can train without constantly being distracted or interrupted.

  • Plan on working on just one behavior at a time in a session, which should last no longer than five to ten minutes.

  • Never work on two behaviors in the same session. It’s confusing for your dog and you'll end up diluting the first and introducing confusion with the second.

  • When you and Phydo have finished your session, it’s quiet time for your dog - at least a half hour. Whether it's in a crate or a room with a KONG, quiet right now is so important. This gives the short time memory you just created in your dog to become long term memory.


NEVER have a play session right after your dog’s training session. You aren’t doing your dog any favors, if you do. You're only ramping up your dog, instead of letting the learning you and your dog just worked on happen.

Don’t bring the other dogs back in until later.

NOTE: If you are truly looking for real success with your dog, you have to work at it in the best conditions possible. A little here and there just isn't going to cut it.


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