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french bulldog dog waiting and begging to go for a walk with owner , sitting or lying on d


No shock, choke or prong collars. No leash jerking, popping or “hanging.” Positive motivation & reinforcement only! 

Working with neuroscience, not against it.

What Clients Say -

Everyone wants a well-mannered dog. It’s a realistic goal. Fortunately, humans are moving beyond the negative and training smarter with a positive approach.

You, too, can build your dog’s potential and leave the negative behind.

Consultations, Evaluations and Private Training for Success

Working together as a positive team is important and a "must" in resolving your dog's issues.


Don't live locally? Not a problem. Like many people these days, we can meet via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. So whether you are in Montana, Florida or just down the road, you won't miss out on the opportunity of us working together.

Lessons are done at your pace and schedule, whenever possible. Sessions are set as a block of four, and fees are based on distance (physical distance, if not doing virtual). 

Resolving your pet's problem is important, and I encourage family participation. Team work is a must. It lessens confusion for everyone and your dog better understands what it's supposed to be doing. 

Every dog can benefit from positive training. Even if you have a new pup or dog, it's a great way to get the solid basics set in place. A solid foundation is important. And a positive foundation can last a life time.

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Ty is now more relaxed and focused during his professional life as a therapy dog of renown.

To have an outgoing, obedient and happy puppy or adult dog, training must be done without the  trauma of yelling, jerking, tugging, hitting or any kind of intimidation.
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Sydney, Barb & Misty

Sydney was adopted through Sheltie Rescue and arrived at my house afraid of everything and everyone. He was very sweet and loving but never properly socialized. Fran gave me the tools and techniques I needed to help him gain confidence in himself and the world around him.  Barb Corle, Oxford, NJ

Three Shelties
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