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Lots of times we don't realize our dogs know more than what we've taught them.

Of course, we usually teach our dogs the basics such as sit, down, stay. But so many of us actually go beyond those simple commands, even those people who tell me their dogs are stupid. Frankly, that is rarely the case.

Let's think about that for a moment. We humans often teach other words and phases to our furry friends. In fact, there are lots of variations to this theme, some almost seem like short conversations. Here's a list of some.

Get in (the car)

Kennel/kennel up/crate, night night

Let's go (to take a walk)

Want to go/want to go potty (that all important business trip)

Off (the furniture)

Leave it (This is often over used) (Let's turn this to mean put all four feet on the floor and not a correction.)

Downstairs (good to eliminate being knocked down)

Upstairs (similar to Downstairs)

Where's Dad? (or whoever you've linked with your pet)


Free/okay (People overuse the word "okay.")

Get back/move back/go

Want to see ______ (Aunt Mary or whoever you've taught your dog to recognize)

Want your supper?


Give paw/shake

Step (to lift a paw over a lead/leash)

Stand (a stay in a standing position)

Inside (going through a door into the house)

Easy/nice (taking food)

High five

Give me ten

Where's your boyfriend?

Want a cookie?

These above are only some of what I've heard lately, and I'm sure there are many variations to these, as well. Every household is unique.

So why have I brought up the subject of all these "extra" commands?

It's because dogs not only need physical exercise, but good, positive mental stimulation on a regular basis. It's important. Boredom is never a dog's friend.


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