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These are two different Puppy Classes. Each is designed to help you become a better puppy owner. The first is to prepare you for your pup's arrival. The second is for when you actually have your new furry companion in-house.


Those little darlings will worm their way into your heart, but it's up to you to set the ground rules and do it in a pleasant, positive manner, from day one.

Puppy of Welsh Corgi Pembroke playing in garden Puppy of Welsh Corgi Pembroke playing in g


So, you've taken that big step and picked out a new puppy. It doesn't matter if you've considered a breeder or are adopting from the local shelter.  It's been a while since you've raised one. Or perhaps, you are brand new to the puppy world.  That can be a real eye opener


You need to be prepared. Where to find what your pup needs, the best way to set it up. What's good? What's bad?


Getting ready for the new arrival can be exciting, stressful, and often confusing. 


This Pre-Puppy Orientation Class is designed to help you prepare  for your new arrival. Your class can be done either as a private session or virtually via Zoom, Face Time or Skype. Call or text for availability.


Your puppy has finally arrived. You are excited and in love with the little darling. But things aren't going quite the way you expected them to go.


Did you forget something? Is the puppy biting? Peeing in the house? What does its bark mean?


Oh, no! Panic sets in. What do do? Deep breaths, folks. 


In this hands-on private class, you will learn how to handle these situations as they crop up without stressing yourself or the puppy, and still keep smiling. 

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