Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love animals, particularly dogs and cats. Have since childhood. And animal behavior, especially canine and feline, has always drawn me. It why I became a CPDT-KA certified trainer (a national certified pet dog trainer - knowledge assessed).

And once I learned about positive motivation and reinforcement training, I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my training . . . and in the dogs. I never looked back to the “old” ways, and that’s been 23 years.  Before that, I was a correction/reward trainer with 19 years of hands-on veterinary experience working with all kinds of dogs and cats . . . with attitudes. With lots of experience, I might add.

I think it was those feline and canine attitudes that really got my attention, and the fact that once I learned to simplify the problem, a great many issues were “fixable.”

Today, I apply my experience to each individual situation, reviewing the problem/s, the needs of the family/caregiver/s, and go from there and teach what is needed to fix each issue.

But there is an ABOUT YOU here, as well. You have to do your part. It’s not just me. There are no shortcuts . . . ever. There are no kindergarten to college leaps, no grades skipped. It truly is about you doing YOUR part.

And yes, we have problem our own problem children, all rescues:  Freya, Fred, Tarzan, Ali Cat, and the new girl, Smudge. 

FREYA, our latest rescue, is four years old. An abuse case out of Philly, she came to us as a foster hating her crate. Her former owners kept this Border Collie pup long hours in a crate with no relief. It was no wonder she acted out and hated her kennel. That and no exercise.

FRED is seventeen and the mellowest cat I have ever had. At twenty pounds, he has never been impressed by any of our dogs and has been the best cat to teach our dogs not to be bothered by a cat. Perfect subject.

TARZAN, aged seven years, was found as a feral kitten less than four weeks of age. He’s the aloof gentleman of the crowd, mom’s baby.


SMUDGE, aged five months, was dumped in a driveway in West Virginia at a friend's home. Being a dog person, she called me, and we now how a new girl in the house. (Everyone is still adjusting, and it's been interesting.)

And then there is ALI CAT . . . found at two days of age and raised with a houseful of dogs and befriended by a large Australian Cattle Dog mix, the boy is a handful. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) he was returned at seven months by the adoptive family. He was just too much cat for them, and I believe it.


We had just lost our Sprout and said, “Sure, we’ll take him,” as we now had an “opening.” Little did we know what we were getting into, but we do love him. He is just two, and already has five videos to his name. He’s a mischief maker, but his antics are such fun. Check him out for yourself here.