Behavioral Issues? Jumping? Pulling? Mouthing? Barking? Trying to eat the mailman?
     Or are you just trying to have a well-rounded furry companion?





Fran Dickenshied Kramer, CPDT-KA 

A Lifetime Of Experience
23 Years Of Positive Canine Training
19 Years Hands On Veterinary Experience
Professional, Positive, Promoting Calm Focused Behavior

Veterinarian Recommended


Consultations and Private Training

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It's about going back to basics using a calm environment, the right encouragement, and clear concise directions of what is really expected of your pet, all done in a positive manner. It’s often like pressing a reset button.

Cat & Kitten Sitting

Cats fare best when left in their home when mom and dad go away on travel or vacation. They don’t adjust to kennels or strange places, often triggering GI issues.

Knowledgeable, and compassionate care is available for your cat or kitten on your schedule. Call/text to discuss your cat’s needs and schedule availability.

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What Clients Say

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Sydney, Barb & Misty

Sydney was adopted through Sheltie Rescue and arrived at my house afraid of everything and everyone. He was very sweet and loving but never properly socialized. Fran gave me the tools and techniques I needed to help him gain confidence in himself and the world around him.  Barb Corle, Oxford, NJ